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Jeff Ross

It’s not really my ability. To God be the glory, great things He has done. (And no, I’m not Chris himself, nor can I mind control.)

I’d love to say I got Chris Howard on the show because of my personal connection to him or my name recognition or because I’m such a great guy, or because I used Inner Tube references around him or because I have mind control powers or because I have outstanding impersonation skills. However, the fact is I simply tailored an opportunity for him to participate, I offered him the opportunity, I prepared in case he said “yes”, and he decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I specifically reached out to Chris because he has been on the Aux Cable show multiple times (even making a cameo in last year’s CHRIS-tmas special), he’s good friends with Ryan and Matthew, he would understand this “fan” project better than most people, and the question he would get the opportunity to answer was one that he might want to answer. I didn’t have high expectations because of the timing of when we were making the production (it was the week of Hanukkah and he was working on his 2017 video), but I knew that he, being an experienced producer of content, wouldn’t have to put much work into making the segment, so there’d be a chance that he’d like to participate and do it.

I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be cool if…” and did my best to make it happen while being respectful of the other people involved. That’s really what we all did when it came to this podcast episode. 🙂

To be honest, I thought word had leaked out ahead of time when Josiah wrote in comment #36433, “Chris will try to send in a segment tomorrow.” right after I had received confirmation from Chris Howard that he wanted to participate. I didn’t realize that Josiah was probably referring to superchris01. (Side note: I surely hope that superchris01 & Explosive Yeast get their segments submitted and featured in the next one of these that we decide to do, should we decide to do another one. I saw them in the preparation stages and looked forward to their segments but noticed that they weren’t in the episode.)

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