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Poulet Frit

Kev: Zachary Fontes lol. Stop using the word “straw man” as a “get out of jail free card” for any example I use to try to get you to understand things. It’s not. The fact that you don’t understand more complicated factors of my arguments leads me to have to simplify them for you. Those aren’t straw men, just simplifications for your sake.

I don’t “not comprehend” because you disagreeing with me, but rather the same way as any person hurting themselves is not understandable. I don’t understand your “I would endure it till I could move to another country” thing either. It doesn’t make sense to me that you could make excuses for such injustice. It seems to me like some sort of Stockholm syndrome. I don’t think it should be illegal for you to think that way, but I don’t understand why you do.

When I say, “you” I simply mean, that those overreaching powers won’t always do what YOU want them to do. You’re saying there should be a federal government that enforces everything YOU think is right. But we have a federal government already that literally doesn’t. So isn’t it better that at least there is ONE state that does? Or is it all or nothing for you? Isn’t it good if the federal government can’t step in and say, “You are not allowed to ban abortion”? My point is (and you claim this is a straw man, but it is not and I’ll try to make it even simpler for you) You assume this all powerful federal government would always hold the same moral values you do, but we live in a very corrupt world, and those people in power are often the most corrupt of them all. No matter WHAT governmental system there is, they will always make laws that are immoral. I would personally like the ability to get away from those kinds of laws. Ya know, like instead of having to leave a whole country (which you need permission from the federal government to do) you could just leave the state (which you DON’T need permission from the federal government to do).

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