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Masøn M.

Interesting conversation… I’ve actually learned a little. Well, I’ll join in and say that I go to a Southern Baptist, and it’s kinda a mix between casual and formal. Like, we sing hymns for worship, but we don’t sing songs you would find on say K-Love or Air-1 or a radio station like that. Everyone isn’t wearing suits and ties (fair amount are, but not all), but no one is wearing t-shirts and stuff. Plenty of people will wear jeans, one of them being me. They aren’t against tattoos or anything, but they don’t necessarily encourage them.
Really, it’s basically “We’re under the New Covenant now. We aren’t under all the old laws and what not”. Kinda like what carrot said.
But yeah. We aren’t totally formal, but we aren’t super casual either.

“Nondenominational… You’re just a baptist church with a cool website.” – Tim Hawkins

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