052: Need Confidence? Learn to Clean Up EGG

052: Need Confidence? Learn to Clean Up EGG

052: Need Confidence? Learn to Clean Up EGG

I’ve got sad news for you all. I won’t be publishing any new podcasts until next year (wow Ryan, what a funny joke about new years). That said, we hope you enjoy this episode!

Today we answer the questions:
1. What’s a fact you learned recently that absolutely blew your mind? ~Chris Howard

2. How does one get eggs out of a carpet? ~Bloopy

3. How do I get over my hatred of my own voice enough to actually get the confidence to release my music? ~Cornelius

Question of the Week

How do you feel about your own voice when you hear it recorded? What do you do to deal with it? You can join the conversation in the comments, or on social media with #AuxCableSings.

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I said in this episode that I’d share a picture of our new baby. Initiating CUTENESS!

Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music, and to everyone supporting Ryan’s Patreon.

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  1. Tube things:
    1. The fact I found out recently (back when I listened to this episode initially) that shocked me was that a standard deck of playing cards (Ace, 2-10, Jack, Queen, & King cards in four suits plus maybe a couple Jokers) is not identical all around the world, despite them being centuries old in design. For some reason I had assumed that by this point there would just be one main type of deck of cards that everyone used, since every standard deck of cards I’d ever seen on computers and in-person had the same design… until recently, when one of my friends from Germany showed me a picture of them playing cards that had different letters on them.

    In the German-Speaking world, instead of a “Q” for “Queen”, they have “D” for “Dame” [pronounced Dah-meh] which means “Lady”, since “King” and “Queen” in German both start with the letter “K”. Also instead of “J” for “Jack”, they have “B” for the German equivalent to “Boy”. That’s another thing that surprised me, that “Jack” in a deck of cards doesn’t refer to a “Prince”, which is what I had always thought. Instead, it is something like “Jack-of-all-trades”, and it replaced the previous “Knave” card. (A “Knave” is a boy servant, but “Kn” looked similar to a “K” on cards, so it made sense to eventually change it to something else.)

    2. In dealing with the voice disdain issue, what has helped me the most has been listening to my voice on recording a lot and becoming familiar with how it sounds to other people. Your own voice always sounds different to you because some of the sound travels inside your own head. As I’ve become more accustomed to how my voice sounds on recording, I can better discern whether it sounds good or not even if I don’t like to hear it as much as others’ voices.

    That’s it. I won’t even mention how the baby picture is totes adorbs and I’m grateful that it was shared, because it’s 2/22/22 today and I am keeping my comment to just 2 things. Otherwise I’d have to list 22 things, and I don’t have that many relevant points to mention right now. XD

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