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The people who make the aux cable happen.

Angelina Ariola

Social Media Specialist Fun, fashionable, friendly, fishy. Just some of the words that begin with ‘F’. ­čśë Angie always keeps life interesting and fun! She currently lives in Oregon. Also, her hair changes colour occasionally. But she’s still the same Angie! Follow @AngelinaMarieA

Matthew Bird

Host Canadian by birth, podcaster by choice, ginger┬áby genetics, comedic┬áby coincidence. Matthew has many interests and tries to find the fun, adventurous things in life. He currently lives in British Columbia. (Yes, he’s Canadian. Deal with it!) Also, Matthew is a little crazy, but we’ll pretend that he’s normal, okay?…

Ryan Matlock

Host & Producer Part brains, part brawn, mostly brains, but all puns! Ryan is an average pun-making content creator that aims to entertain and make everyone laugh. He currently lives in San Francisco. Also, his hair is currently on fleek. ­čĹî Read posts by Ryan Matlock Follow @RyanMatlock

The Aux Cable