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I have taken one year and all that really stuck was l’alphabet.
I can read some, write a tiny bit, speak very little (pronunciation is hard), but I am much better at hearing it and knowing kinda what is being said.
But for like…8 years of my life, we have hosted a student from France for 1 month every summer. The teens that come help me if I ask, but I won’t fully learn French unless I’m fully immersed.
I like to reply to my mom with “oui” and I call our dog “lou lou beaucoup” which I know is really improper and makes no sense…but it rhymes.
My initial goal was to read all of Les Mis in French (and La Bible)
A few words have stuck: Dieu, Bonne nuit, Dormez bein; but I haven’t practiced in almost a year.

My favorite song in Francais is L’amour Brille Sous Les Étoiles from Le Roi Lion. The English version is “Can you feel the love tonight”

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