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AvatarJosiah the Carrot Stick

Okay, I will close our debate with these statements, and then I will not comment more in an argumentative fashion. You are welcome to say something else from your side if you wish to.

Cancer: Like I said, milk does not cause cancer. It strengthens cancer, and if somebody is trying to reduce the risk of that cancer, then I have no problem with them not drinking milk. However, not everybody has a high chance of getting that cancer or whatever, and if they don’t, I see no problem with them drinking the milk.

Hormones: Yes, there are some unhealthy hormones in milk. Yes, probably some of them cannot be removed from the milk, because they are not added in the first place. However, I think that my point that people have been drinking milk for thousands of years, and only recently have people started questioning it, is still valid. Why would our ancestors continue to drink it if there was no major issue? I will concede that the hormones in milk can cause some issues. However, I doubt those issues are widespread enough to be a major concern.

Bone Strength: Yes, probably milk isn’t quite as wonderful for strengthening bones as is commonly implied. However, I’m not sure that it will necessarily cause issues in a majority of people, either.

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