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As for me saying that anybody can write I fake article. I was typing that while you were posting the .gov link. Therefore I didn’t see your post until after I posted. That wasn’t about that link.

Certain cancers thrive off of hormones. They need it to survive. And milk (even skim) has those hormones to some degree. Putting the hormones into your body, you are feeding that cancer (if you have it)
Milk doesn’t cause cancer. Milk makes certain cancer cells develop faster, get stronger, and get harder to kill.

I agree that eventually we will need to stop. As I just keep repeating myself. But I don’t think this is making us more hostile. …if anything I said comes across like that, I’m sorry. It wasn’t meant that way, and I didn’t think anything you said came across as hostile. I enjoy learning why people think certain things and when people challenge my beliefs. Because it makes me think about why I believe what I do.

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