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I believe everything is good in moderation, (sorry to cattle-pony stop the puns and rein it back to serious topic bonus points if you get the puns without looking it up) As long as you don’t drink more than one cup of milk a day, you shouldn’t keel over and die lol. I actually don’t like plain milk anymore. But I still love ice cream. So I don’t drink dairy every day. It’s like a treat, a rare occurrence. America has been overdosed with so many pro milk campaigns that the health gurus are boycotting it since we drank too much. Osteoporosis rose/is rising in older women because people were preaching too hard about calcium makes healthy bones and forgot all about the vitamin D necessary for the bone to use that calcium. By drinking so much milk and not getting enough vitamin D, they actually leached out the calcium that was in their bones,.,

Dude it’s too late for me to form coherent thought. I’ll get some articles from my mom (she’s a bit of a health nut) tomorrow if you’d like. Or if my UNBRIDLED emotion is too much, I could turn it down a BIT.

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