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AvatarJosiah the Carrot Stick

Counter #1: Let me quote the second link you posted:

“Milk and dairy are good sources of calcium and protein which are needed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Calcium is important for teeth and bone health.”

Also, the first article you posted is finding a lot of issues with milk that has GMOs. Just get milk with no GMOs!

Counter #2: Again from the link you posted:

“In the UK and the rest of Europe, farmers are banned from using this hormone, and the import of meat from countries, including the US, where this hormone is used is also banned.”

This article says NOTHING about actual hormones in milk. In addition, it also says:

“Studies looking into the link between cancer and dairy products have not given clear results. THERE IS EVIDENCE THAT DAIRY PRODUCTS COULD REDUCE THE RISK OF BOWEL CANCER, BUT WE CANNOT SAY FOR SURE THAT THIS IS THE CASE. THERE IS NO STRONG EVIDENCE LINKING DAIRY PRODUCTS TO ANY OTHER TYPES OF CANCER. We need further research to find out more about the links between dairy products and cancer risk.”

The only “solid” link between milk and cancer is that milk might help PREVENT bowel cancer.

Counter #3: Maybe milk causes some issues. What doesn’t? What’s your solution to not drinking milk and trying to be healthy? Drinking nothing but water? People have been drinking milk for thousands of years, why on earth should we stop now?

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