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Part 4: The Darkness (rough draft. Option #2)

“Lone Survivor”…that’s what the news called me. Years ago, my parents and I were in a car accident…and I lost them. It was a relief, though.
For 8 years, the lady by the lamp post tried to get me out of my room.
I was relieved when my parents died, as the lady had no more reason to torture me. I felt guilty about being relieved, but it made her leave.
When I turned 18, a mere 2 years after the accident, I vowed to hunt her down. She wasn’t going to hurt another child…not if I had anything to do with it.
I followed news reports to a small town up north. She leaves a trail of bodies wherever she goes. I hate to admit how methodical she is…it’s almost admirable.
One day I found her. Standing under a lamp post…at midnight. I parked my car a few blocks back and walked towards her. I couldn’t wait to kill her, but once I got close, the light cast from the lamp post stopped me…like a ring of protection. Her demeanor changed immediately…she could tell I was there, ready to kill her as soon as the light flickered…but it never did.
I have been back every night since, waiting for the opportunity.
She cannot keep doing this, but if I kill her, is it justified? Will it feel as good as I think it will? Plunging my knife into her abdomen and watching the life fade from her eyes, sounds so good, but will that even kill her?

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