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Poulet Frit

Part 4: The Darkness

“The only survivor,” they called me. Years and years ago, I was attacked by what people called “The child eater.” I only ever knew her as the lady that stood next to the lamp post.
When I turned 18, I decided to hunt her down. I follow the trail of missing child reports and bodies that she leaves behind. I’m always two steps behind, until recently.
After several years of work, I finally tracked her down to a city up north. Several dozen children have gone missing in surrounding communities for the past year. I have reached out to the families. They are reluctant to speak to me, since I’m not law enforcement. The ones that do, report nothing out of the ordinary.
Every night I drove around, looking at every lamp post.
About two months ago, I found the right lamp post. I parked my car where she couldn’t see it, walked near her…I don’t know what I was planning on doing. I couldn’t get close to her though. Something stopped me, right where the light and the darkness met. But, she could feel me there.
I returned each night, as soon as night hit, until the green car picked her up. It made her paranoid. My goal is to make her trip up, so she makes a mistake, and gets caught.
I will do this until the day I die, if need be. I may be incapable of saving the children, but I can at least make her scared.

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