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Poulet Frit

Part 3: The Monster

2 am, every night, its my job to pick her up. She thinks I’m a hero. She thinks I love her. She thinks I have saved her every night for the past few months. I wish I could stop, but I can’t. This was my sentence, serve her for eternity. Although, she doesn’t know I am being forced to help her.
She gets upset that I wait so late, since she gets off at 4 pm. She doesn’t get that humans don’t take kindly to faceless freaks.
She always has me drop her off at a different child’s house each night. There, she does terrible things. I’m supposed to wait outside for her, though for the past couple nights, I’ve been going to another child’s house.
I found a way to mimic her ability of making the sound of the parents screaming. This child in particular, she has been planning its demise for a while.
I can feel when someone is going to become important, and this child will save a ton of lives. So, I torment the child, to teach it to ignore the noise, to teach it to stay in its room, safe from her.
I don’t understand why, but she can’t hurt adults. Which means, this child only has to survive ten more years.
I always leave right before she’s finished at the other children’s homes, so she won’t know. If she ever found out, I would be dead.
She gets in, covered in the child’s blood. She complains about being too full from over eating. I wish I could save every child, every family from such a heartache.
People think just because I have no face, that I’m the thing of their nightmares. When in reality, it’s the things that look normal that are the real monsters.

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