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Poulet Frit

I have talent, just not with normal human things.

I can lick my elbow. I can draw (not as well as Chris or Olivia in my opinion). I play guitar and am teaching myself mandolin (I can read chords, but can’t learn by ear…or clap on beat). I have a knack for sfx makeup, and I’m not too bad at it if I take my time. Not too bad at normal makeup either, if I am patient.

I’m really good with kids. I once watched like 8 kids by myself for…I think it was 8 hours. Most of them were toddlers, one was a baby, and then some 6 year olds. I can hold babies all day long and be happy (dream “job” right there! Let me tell you)

I’m severely old fashioned in how I think about dating…like, I would seriously consider an arranged marriage. I also have somewhat unrealistic relationship goals (probably why I’m single) (nothing much, I just want my first kiss and first dance with a guy that isn’t my dad to be on my wedding day, because my brain thinks “hey…that’s romantic”) (twisted brain)

I love longboarding, but cannot do tricks or anything, just ride.

I get confused as to why people are my friends, because my sarcasm is very strong and often goes near the like of things you don’t joke about, and nudges the line with its toe.

I have gone through things in my life that nobody my age should have to go through…I also don’t like sharing those things. Just, if you say you are going through something, and I am extremely encouraging (more so than normal), there is a high possibility I went through something similar.

I believe my gift is encouragement and I’m here on this earth to be a mother (if I mother you on accident, I’m sorry, I am just very mothery). Until the day that…I find some guy just as crazy as I am…and marry him…it looks like taxes is in my plan. Totally unexpected, but I seem to enjoy it.

That was late night Kristen talks about herself, probably won’t happen often. This is why I should go to bed at 9pm

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