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Poulet Frit

Brooke, yeah…the autotone was highly noticeable…buuttt GASTON!!! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! (I have loved him since I was a child. And the only time I can flirt and not be a complete fool about it is when I’m at disney…talking to gaston)

Manalive, one of my friends loves romcoms and he’s a dude with guns and such. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the decoy bride yet, but Olivia loves it! Leap Year is very good if you haven’t seen it. And so it She’s The Man…it’s funny!! But I may only like that movie because of channing tatum.

I love pixar, but Disney needs to stop with the live action remakes. It’s starting to get on my nerves. They are like “MULAN LIVE ACTION” and they won’t do it how I think they should. There will be no singing in it. But I think that Eddie Murphy should still play mushu and should be in the lamest dragon costume possible and insist that he’s a dragon.

Pixar theories are always insane. But I’m a girl (woman…lady…thing) that has Disney running through my blood. So I’m biased on the subject

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