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Poulet Frit

I agree with what you said carrot. Yes I wanted the guy to be hung for his crimes. But in no way, shape, or form would that have been right or better.
But criminals need longer jail time.
A local guy got 10 years in jail for shooting (not killing) a guy that broke into his house and was trying to kill his family. Yet, there are people getting away with crimes much worse than self defense. The system is jack. It needs fixed. Priorities need straighten out, and death row shouldn’t be given out like it is. Yes, some criminals prefer death row. Because they know either way they are going to die for their crimes (whether it’s by death row or other inmates).
Every criminal who is on death row, right before they go to die, a priest comes in with a bible and tells them a little bit about Jesus and asks if they wanna go to heaven. But I’m sorry, yes it’s good to be a Christian even if it’s only for the last 10 min of your life, but scaring people into a religion they don’t believe is wrong.

Also, a ton of criminals find Jesus while they are locked up. And they want to become better people when they get out. Not all, but a good chunk.

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