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Poulet Frit

Hanging guys. Not right. Though, I wouldn’t have been upset.

Killing babies. Very wrong. Especially with how it’s done.

Women who have miscarriages are so distraught afterwards. They tend to go into depression. Yet, these women who just don’t feel like raising a kid, purposely has it die. My brain cannot wrap around that.

If something awful were to happen to me, and I ended up pregnant because of it, I wouldn’t resent the child. Every child is a gift from God.

If young people are stupid and do things outside of wedlock, and the woman gets pregnant, it’s not OK to kill that child. Under no circumstance is it ok. If I can’t murder the guy that cat called me, or the woman who cussed me out, or even a freaking alligator in FL, then why is it legal to kill an unborn, perfect, innocent baby?

Unborn babies are the only innocent things on earth. They are born into this sinful messed up world, yet in the womb, they are perfect. How can you kill something perfect?

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