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Points to make

1) All plans are more easily executed come this spring as the boys will both be in the same time zone.

2) Would you be grabbing both at the same time (2 different teams) or one at a time (1 team and getting one before the other)? If the former, where will the meeting spot be located?

3) Who is driving?

4) I have not met Ryan in real life so I cannot attest to his motivations in terms of bribing. However, Matthew can be simple. Go up to him and tell him that you or a friend is throwing a mini concert and that you are desperately seeking a pianist! The concert is starting in the nearby town gathering area in an hour so you both need to hurry! When you get to the designated location, have a piano waiting for him to “practice the songs” and, after he is done giving you a mini performance, time him up with whatever method you desire as he sits at the bench. OR. Just drive up to him and yell out the window, “get in, ginger, we’re going on an adventure!” The first seems much more devious.

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