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Explosive Yeast

Okay this took like an hour so you’re welcome:

It turns out carrot has eaten a doughnut, Kristen is spoiling her furless cat, Ryan gets a po box, carrot doesn’t know what chesses whiz is and Kristen is offended, Kristen has a secret video of her whipping and naenaeing very whitely, carrot is having fun stalking people on twitter, everyone wants to have a picnic with man alive, everyone hates beaches, carrot finally gets a twitter, Kristen prefers murderous things to Jane Austin, Mason desserts us for Disney land, and masons funeral will have twenty one pilots and a bouncy castle, Carrot doesn’t watch Chris Howard vlogs, everyone is insecure about their voice. Everyone is way shorter than Yeast (just saying), Man alive becomes the secretary of the Canadian Treasury in TOPHAT, Kristen likes the shots in Yeasts vlogs, manalive has an evil twin named mandead. Kristen used to have blue hair, Carrot did well at baseball, Kristen changes her brain toast profile pic to her hairless cat, Ryan follows Carrot on twitter, Kristen’s cat falls asleep while watching horror movies in a hulk hoodie, A comment kerfuffle is started on who would build the roads about cheese, Kristen gets another bald cat, Carrot says your welcome instead of You’re welcome and Kristen talks about her welcome for a long time, Kristen listens to colony house and Yeast listens to rascal flats, manalive starts talking in hindi, Kristen’s welcome is rainbow colored with glitter and unicorn stickers but also a rabid feral pidgeon but also a dragon,we think about kerffuling the inner tube.

There you go that’s pretty much all you missed

The Aux Cable