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Poulet Frit

(Don’t judge too hard, I haven’t gotten done editing it)
The Lady

Leaning against the lamp post, I check my watch.
“2 am,” it read in the orange glow of the street lamp.
“He’s late…again,” I sigh, my breath as white as the snow on the ground. If he’s ever not late, it would surprise me.
His green car pulled up next to the curb, I can practically hear him contemplating about how he is going to apologize this time. I am guessing that he would use the sleeping in excuse before I opened the passenger door.
I get in the car, the warmth of the heater immediately warm’s me inside and out. The smell of the leather is more pungent than normal, I breath it in before turning to look at him.
He looks at me, somehow lovingly, despite him being faceless.
“Monster,” some call him. Although, I call him “hero.”
Just like every night for the past couple of months, he has saved me from what was lingering just outside of the orange glowing circle made by the street lamp.
“I can not thank you enough,” I smile, knowing that without him I would be dead, “let’s go home”

(Makes more sense when paired with the sequels)

The Aux Cable